Danakil Meets Ondubground

Danakil Meets Ondubground
Danakil Meets Ondubground
Danakil Meets Ondubground
Baco Records
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Cena: 88.00 zł

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A year after the release of their latest album “La Rue Raisonne” (October 2016), the collective returns with a brand new project that will delight fans of bass music, eager for big sounds distilled on powerful systems. From this unprecedented meeting between Ondubground and Danakil emerges an unusual opus, mixing trap music, dub, dubstep and which revisits the titles of “La Rue Raisonne”. The French reggae of Danakil then takes a whole other scale. Balik’s committed texts unfold on faster beats, more modern sounds, and thus find a new resonance.


For this project both groups have appealed to an army of MC’s, sharpened from various backgrounds. So, in addition to the singers already present on “La Rue Raisonne”, like Patrice, Anthony B, Nattali Rize, Volodia, Flavia Coelho and Brahim, “Olo” and “Artx” in Ondubground, invited the legendary MC Jamalski , the precursor of “fast style”, the Spanish toaster Sir Wilson, Miscellaneous of the collective Chill Bump, and the eminent representatives of the Brigante Records label: Adam Paris, Joseph Cotton and Green Cross.


All came to put their flows on muscular productions brilliantly remixed by Ondubground. The result of this merger is a surprising album, which is likely to destabilize the fans of Danakil, but which will enable them to explore other horizons, those of a discreet wood, a lost field, a deserted beach or other places conducive to the sound debauchery of sound systems and free party!




* Coordinator [Project Coordination] – Chris O'Brien

* Design – Tony McDermott

* Executive-Producer – Christopher Chin, Clifton Dillon

* Mastered By – Kevin Metcalfe

* Photography By – Wil_i_am Richard


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