First Light

First Light
First Light
Easy Star All-Stars
Easy Star Records
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The Easy Star All-Stars enter a new chapter of their career with the release of First Light - their first full-length album of original material.

On First Light, the eclectic, multi-ethnic group builds on its love of reggae traditions and finding progressive ways to expand their craft while showcasing their individual talents. Known for their trendsetting catalog of reggae re-interpretations of classics, the Easy Star All-Stars are taking this opportunity to introduce fans to a different side of the band.

First Light’s 14-track journey showcases the band members experimenting with songwriting. While some songs remain true to their signature hardcore reggae feel, other tracks (”In The Light,” “First Light (Ramblin’ Fever)” and “Unbelievable”) incorporate R&B, pop, and soul. Founding member and album producer Michael Goldwasser contributes several of the tunes. Other tracks were created by a collaborative songwriting process amongst the members of the collective.

In early 2012, Easy Star All-Stars will release their next (top secret!) tribute album to take the music world by storm again.





Side A

1. Don’t Stop The Music (4:18)

2. Break Of Dawn (3:41)

3. First Light (Ramblin’ Fever) (3:52)

4. One Likkle Draw (featuring Junior Jazz and Daddy Lion Chandell) (4:11)

5. Something Went Wrong (3:49)


Side B

1. Easy Now Star (featuring The Meditations, Tony Tuff and Lady Ann) (4:02)

2. Universal Law (3:24)

3. Paid My Dues (4:32)

4. Reggae Pension (4:16)

5. Unbelievable (featuring Cas Haley) (4:16)

First Light (Winyl 12″)
1.Don't Stop The Music
2.Break Of Dawn
3.First Light (Ramblin' Fever)
4.One Likkle Draw * Featuring – Daddy Lion Chandell, Junior Jazz
5.Something Went Wrong
6.Easy Now Star * Featuring – Lady Ann, The Meditations, Tony Tuff
7.Universal Law
8.Paid My Dues
9.Reggae Pension
10.Unbelievable * Featuring – Cas Haley

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